Don’t Make the Grizzly Angry


This was an experimental piece.  I was practicing several things.

– Cartoon females in this sort of bit-headed cute style.
– Expressive poses (body and face)
– Full background

I’m not really sure what’s going on in this scene except that it’s probably not a good idea for a cat to tick off a grizzly.

Since this was an experiment, I welcome critique and feedback on this piece.

521 Promo Pet Cartoons

I created the following cartoons for Kellene Addison with 521 Promo. I understand they’re intended to be printed on T-shirts. They were created in Adobe Photoshop.  I’m posting them as art samples only and all copyrights are owned by Kellene Addison.

Cat Bites Man

Dog Destroyed Living Room

Vacuuming Pawprints
While developing the dog character in the second cartoon, I drew out this guy as well.  He ultimately wasn’t used.  So, he’s still mine.  He’s a little unfinished, but I like him.

Playful Dog

Yellow Cat

Here’s a picture I did today.  I made it into a mousepad on Zazzle because I thought it was funny.  Not sure if it is, I just thought it was. 🙂 I made it with extra space around the edges so I can crop is just so for whatever I’m using it for.  I’m thinking about making it a greeting card or something.

Buy a Yellow Cat Product

And here’s the Zazzle link for the mousepad.