Standing Up to the Bullies – Image 5

Here’s the fifth of thirteen images.

Standing Up to the Bullies by Ashley Kazery, commissioned by Learning A-Z, illustrated by me.

Image 5 Page 7 - Sample


Standing Up to the Bullies – Image 1

I’ve been quiet here lately because I’ve been working on a picture book.  Learning A-Z commissioned me through Storybook Arts to illustrate a graded reader titled Standing Up to the Bullies, written by Ashley Kazery.   I just finished the last image this afternoon.  I’ll probably have a few minor edits before publication, but I’m more-or-less finished.

Here’s the first of thirteen images.

Image 1 Page 3 - Sample

The Underground Railroad

Here’s a new illustration commissioned by United Methodist Publishing House.  I think it’s going in a kid’s history textbook.  It’s supposed to show black slaves hiding and sneaking, and sometimes being smuggled north out of slavery before the civil war.  I was given very specific elements that I needed to include in the picture, and it was quite a task to fit it all in.  I’m rather proud I managed it.

The Underground Railroad