My Brother – In Color

I colored an old sketch of my brother.  Now, you may think this is an insulting picture because of the foolish expression he’s wearing, but it isn’t.  This is my brother making silly faces for his nieces.  This is my brother being awesome.  Love you, Eric.



Pirate Reading – Color Version

Janet DeCarlo, my new agent with Storybook Arts, asked me for a color version of my Pirate Reading image. So, here’s a for-the-web version of the new image I sent her. I made the books money colored. Gold, copper, silver, and green. Because they’re the treasure.

Pirate Reading

Air Traffic Controller

A helpful air traffic controller commissioned by Kyle Szklenski of Diurnal Productions.  His company is a small video game company and this is for any scene where the player is talking with air traffic control.  It’s a digital image drawn in Photoshop.  There are a couple gradients, but mostly it’s flat colors with cel shading.

Air Traffic Controller

Spotted Cerberus

So, this was originally a Inktober piece and was done in just a couple of hours.  I drew him as a black lab puppy.  But, that decision has bugged me because Cerberus is supposed to mean spotted.  Which I knew, but didn’t think of it at the time.  I really should have made him a dalmatian or other spotted breed.  So, today I had reason to go back to this image and so, while I was there, I decided to fix it.

So, here’s Cerberus, the spotted three-headed hound of Hades.
Cerberus Spotted