Boy Leaning on Windowsill

Here’s a recent commission for rap artist, David Smith, who goes by the stage name Dave 3X3. This image is to be used for an upcoming album cover. He was wonderful to work with.

Good luck to you, Dave!

A cartoon illustration of a lovesick boy leaning on a windowsill.

This image (above) was based on an earlier image (below) from 2013 with the same character. You’ll notice these aren’t drawn in my typical style. The first was one of my experiments, playing with different ideas. Then I matched the style (and refined it just a little) for the new commission. I like playing with different ideas, and sometimes they even lead to new opportunities.

An illustration of a boy leaning back against a wall with arms crossed.

And always, I am accepting commissions!

8 thoughts on “Boy Leaning on Windowsill

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      Yes, I’m on several social media platforms and they do bring in business sometimes. Not reliably, but it definitely happens. However, I really struggle to add new content frequently enough to hit that sweet spot of user engagement.

  1. Andrea says:

    Great illustration!
    What do you use to draw?
    And I saw the comment above. As a freelance illustrator I completely understand how hard it is to add new content and for my case to find costumers to work with.
    I enjoy working with indie authors rather than larger companies. But sometimes you got to take what is give.

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      For hardware, I’m using a wacom cintiq screen tablet. Software is a copy of Photoshop CS 5, because it’s paid for and I’m still resisting signing up for Photoshop as a subscription service, though I imagine I will do that eventually, one of these days. I use Kyle T. Webster’s Photoshop brushes, and Lazy Nezumi Pro to help smooth my line strokes and provide perspective rulers.

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