Inktober 2020 #13 – Slippery

Thought I’d do a quick one today, since yesterday’s took so long. A banana peel is a slippery thing to step on.

A simple drawing of a banana peel lying on the floor.

Actually though… that’s not all I made.

I intended to stop there but…

A little explanation, first. Sometime in the last year I saw in a store a pattern printed on a piece of cloth or wrapping paper or something (I don’t remember) that stuck with me for some reason. It was a simple line drawing of a pineapple, done in a hand-drawn style. Then they copied the drawing and gave it a variety of fanciful colors. Then scattered those in a seamless pattern across the print. It struck me as looking very nice for how simple the technique actually was.

I remembered thinking, I could do that. Only the colors seemed silly for a pineapple. Pineapples only come in a very limited range of colors. I thought it would be better to choose a fruit that had a better natural range of colors. (I don’t know why it struck me that the colors should be realistic, it just did.) And some variety in the drawings, maybe. Not just the one pineapple.

I was veering off from the original idea a bit at that point.

So, today I drew a banana peel for Inktober and then decided to draw some more bananas. In different colors. (Did you know that bananas come in a variety of colors, not just yellow and green?)

Anyway, here’s what I came up with.

A pattern of little drawings of bananas in various colors in various orientations.

Inktober 2020 #12 – Disgusting

Okay, so full disclosure. I’m actually working ahead on these. You’re seeing them published on the right day in October, but I’m writing this on September 14th. I’m trying to do one of these a day, but I’m doing it ahead of time in case other work comes up to delay me or one turns out to take way longer than the half-day I’m trying to restrict myself to.

This one definitely took longer than I meant to spend. This was a two-day drawing. Mostly because it took me forever to figure out how I wanted to do those waves. I re-did them so many times. But I think I’m pretty much happy with it now.

Anyway, so today we have the prompt: disgusting. This whole drawing is pretty disgusting, right?

A ink drawing of a polluted beach covered with trash and dead sea life.  A power plant is visible in the background and a pipe is dripping something foul-looking on the right.  Two seagulls are picking through the trash.