My Treehouse – Cover Spread

Well, I’ve been super busy lately.  When that happens, nothing gets posted on the website at all.  But today I’ve got a bit of a breather while I wait on feedback from a client, so I’m setting up some posts.

I illustrated a short graded reader for Learning A-Z titled My Treehouse.  Here’s the spread for the wrapped cover on that one.  The first page is the same image, but a cropped version showing just the right-hand side of this scene.
Girl walks towards treehouse.

2 thoughts on “My Treehouse – Cover Spread

  1. Vijaya says:

    So fun. I love the brightness. And you even built a little porch. Btw, I feel like I live in a treehouse because our house is up 15 ft on concrete pillars. I often sit and write on my back porch to the sound of bird song and squirrel chatter. Happy New Year!

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