Day of the Dead T-shirt

I put my sugar skull on a T-shirt.  Go here to get one.


El Dia De Los Muertos

El Dia De Los Muertos


El Dia De Los Muertos

El Dia De Los Muertos

I’ve wanted to do a Day of the Dead skull for awhile.  🙂

This was intended to be a bonus Inktober piece for the Day of the Dead on November 1st. But I put too much detail into it, so I didn’t get it finished until today.

Sorry for the belated post.  🙂

Illustration Friday: Children

I realized I’ve never posted any realistic portraits of people to this blog. So, I created this just to show I can. It’s a portrait of my daughter Katie. It’s drawn in Photoshop using a photo I took a few weeks ago as reference. This is an actual digital drawing, not a Photoshop filter trick.

It also counts for this week’s Illustration Friday prompt of Children. Well, child, anyway.