Free Adobe Software… Sort of…

Not my image.

Okay, this is interesting. Adobe is making some of its OLD Creative Suite software available for download with the activation code. Although they say they’re not actually offering it for free, they sound like they’re operating on the honor system. They want to stop having to maintain a registration server for these programs or something, so they just put them up and tell you that you should only download them if you already own a copy. But they’re not checking. Anyone CAN download them for free.

Now, these are NOT the latest versions. They’re seven years old. But if you DON’T already have Photoshop, Illustrator, or one of the other programs on here, then old is better than no program at all. If you’ve never used any version of Photoshop at all and you have been wanting to try it except that the cost is prohibitive, this would be a way to try it without the limits of that pesky one-month trial period.  Then, when the limitations of the 7-year-old software irritate you sufficiently, you can purchase the current version.  Or, how many people do you know still limping along on Photoshop 6? CS2 is better than that, at least.  I’m looking right at you Ms. Zoch.  smiley 15

So, I am not saying you SHOULD download this free software, because, of course, it’s wrong. But… If you want to… Here are the links:

An explanation of what’s going on:

And the actual Adobe download page, with activation codes:

I will leave the rest up to you and your conscience.  smiley 15

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