Number 76 of 150

Halfway through and a new batch! This batch will be all Hispanic/Latine characters.

Here you have a little girl holding out a handful of seeds. I think she’s supposed to be feeding an animal who’s out of frame, but she could also just be preparing to spread seeds on the ground. I’m not sure which.

The boots and sun hat were particularly fun. I have several characters in this project where I made the pattern on their clothing with this same scattered flower shape brush. Good results, minimal effort. Work smarter, not harder. 🙂

A little latina girl holds out a small handful of seeds.  She's 4-6 years old.  She's wearing bib overalls, a pink t-shirt,  yellow and white striped bucket hat, and pink rubber boots with a white floral pattern. She has long, dark brown, curly hair.

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