Number 24 of 150

Moving on to ages 10-12. This one was fun. Her shirt pattern was a scatter brush of simple flower stamps. I squished the ones on the elastic portion sideways to make them look like smocking. The original version showed her belly a little, but the client wanted that covered to make it a little more conservative. I think she’s our first one with braces, also.

A girl, aged 10-12 stands with one hand on her hip and the other raised as if gesturing.  She is smiling with braces.  She has flower earrings.  Her hair is black, long, and wavy.  She is wearing light purple capri jeans and slip-on sneakers.  Her shirt has a small floral pattern with short, puffed sleeves, a wide elastic neck, and an elastic smocked section around the belly.  She is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

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