Character Sketch – Hitch

Here’s Hitch, the bully in the anti-bullying book I’m starting work on for Learning A-Z. This is the first version where he was supposed to be wearing army fatigues.

Character Sketch - Hitch - Web

2 thoughts on “Character Sketch – Hitch

  1. garyfjones says:

    Picture looks good.

    I should see if I have a picture of a bully that gave me a hard time for 2 years in high school. His father was active in the Republican party–ran for the House once and managed to get his son a federal judgeship in Alaska. That, for a kid who flunked out of the UW and went to an offshore law school (law schools where your parents money counted for more than your grades).



    • Karen B. Jones says:

      Well, this was drawn according to the client’s specifications, not based on anyone I know. It was supposed to be a white boy, with a strong build, brown hair, wearing army fatigues and army boots. Tomorrow’s post will be the second version where they had me change his clothes and make him blonde.

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