Rocket Ships


Here’s just part of a background I’m working on.

Now consider this.  If we assume that these are rocket ships rather than missiles, this almost has to be an emergency evacuation.  My logic is that those rockets are blasting off at nearly the same time and way too close together to be anything any prudent space program would approve of.  Therefore, I think this depicts a, “Oh, holy crap!  Everyone get the hell off the planet, now, now, now, NOW!” situation going on here.

And we can assume these are rocket ships rather than missiles because I drew them and I’m telling you those are ships.

What, do you ask, might be the emergency?

Guess you’ll have to wait and see the finished piece.

Katie’s Monkey

Here’s a work in progress for a personal project I’m working on. My daughter wanted a poster of a monkey swinging by its tail from a tree with a banana. I’ve just about got the monkey done, next to tackle the scenery.  I’m working in Illustrator because I’m not sure how big she’s going to want me to print it.  Vector graphics are infinitely scaleable, unlike raster art.  Monkey for Katie