Fixing your Cintiq

Today my Wacom Cintiq stopped recognizing my stylus.  It was working fine, then it stopped. This happens occasionally and usually I just reboot. That works, but I have to close out of everything to do that, which I don’t always want to do. Well, today I decided to do the smart thing and search the web for the right way to make my cintiq behave itself. So, a quick google search came up with the following video that completely solved my problem. It was so useful that I wanted to share it with you all.

(I’m working on a Window’s 7 laptop.)


  1. Try turning the cintiq off and back on.  (That didn’t work for me.)
  2. Right-click on “Computer” on your desktop or (for me) your start menu.  Select “Manage”.  Then double-click “Services and Applications”, then “Services”.  Scroll down to “Wacom Professional Services” and click that.   Look around.  On the left there’s a link for Restarting the service.  Click that.  Now, if it’s like mine, it’ll be fixed.  🙂

Good luck!  And thank you, shermtv, for your useful video!

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