Katie’s Monkey

Here’s a work in progress for a personal project I’m working on. My daughter wanted a poster of a monkey swinging by its tail from a tree with a banana. I’ve just about got the monkey done, next to tackle the scenery.  I’m working in Illustrator because I’m not sure how big she’s going to want me to print it.  Vector graphics are infinitely scaleable, unlike raster art.  Monkey for Katie

2 thoughts on “Katie’s Monkey

  1. garyfjones says:

    Monkeys are wide between the eyes and taper to a jaw that juts out a little, while their ears are relatively small, but cartoon characters rarely look like the real thing.

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      Well, if you’re looking for realistic proportions, most cartoons won’t give you that. For example, this guy’s eyes take up half his head! But, on the other hand, he’s cute. And for this, that’s what’s important. I’m also not actually sure wild monkeys spend much time eating bananas. 😉

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