Karate Contractions

I was supposed to make the apostrophe into a character and have him knocking out the letters to form these three contractions.  I decided to make it a karate character so he could use karate moves.  Kids like karate.  The only thing I’m a little iffy on is making the character white.  I made him fully white because a karate gee is all white.  I actually tried drawing it in a bit more detail so that the shirt was fully defined, but that just didn’t look right.  When I colored the “skin” of the apostrophe, it looked even worse.  So, I decided all-white without much detail looked best.  The black belt is the important bit, I think.

Karate Contractions

These are for a textbook project for Hart Mcleod.

8 thoughts on “Karate Contractions

  1. Shari L Schildan says:

    Hi love these, and so close to awesome…

    except the tail of the Apostrophe should be kicking out the “n” (perhaps up) so the remaining words say I CAN DO.

    Just a thought. 🙂


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