7 thoughts on “Baby Bunny Sketch

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      I’m glad you like it.

      I try lots of different stuff as the mood strikes me. Not everything goes in the portfolio, even if it’s good. As I’ve recently been reminded, one’s portfolio needs to be narrowly tailored to the market. So far, I have portfolios for “Illustrations for Kids”, “Illustrations for Grown-Ups”, and “Vector-Style Images”. This image doesn’t really fit with any of those. This would need a new portfolio for “Images from Nature” or something like that. If I end up with a good handful of images in that category, then I might create a portfolio for it. But, for now, it doesn’t really belong.

      I think this image turned out really nice considering how simple it was. It’s basically just traced over a photograph. (MY photograph, so it IS all my own work) It took me an hour or two in Photoshop. Pretty good results given the time spent.

      I thought it was a good way to make use of a photograph that was almost right but just not quite there. Here’s the image I used as the model.

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