Mitt Romney

Okay, so this is how I draw Romney.  Be kind, this is the first time I ever tried drawing him.  🙂  It’s more a drawing exercise than an attempt to be particularly clever.

On Gay Marriage: If I can't have two women in my marriage, I don't see why lesbians should get to. Most Popular Campaign Position: I'm NOT Obama! Mitt Romney: Restructuring the Nation!

On Gay Marriage:
If I can’t have two women in my marriage, I don’t see why lesbians should get to.
Most Popular Campaign Position:
I’m NOT Obama!
Mitt Romney
Restructuring the Nation!

8 thoughts on “Mitt Romney

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      You are German? If so, I wouldn’t expect you to really follow American politics.

      The elephant logo I used is a black and white version of the official Republican party logo. I’m not sure what the significance of three stars is. Perhaps it just is a good number that looks right on the image, perhaps it actually means something.

      I find the fact that the star is point-down to be more interesting. That orientation is usually considered a sign of something being wrong or, in other contexts, even satanic. It seems odd that they’d choose this orientation for their logo. But they have.

      The Democratic party, the Republican’s rivals, have a donkey in a similar style, only theirs usually has 4 stars at the top instead of the Republican’s three. I don’t know what the significance of that number is either. Their stars are the right-way up, also. Well, technically, the donkey isn’t the official logo, but it’s been used for so long that it’s what everyone thinks of as the official logo. In reality, the Democratic logo is a D with a circle around it. I guess they got tired of being the jackass party. 🙂

      If you can’t tell, I’m a Democrat. 🙂

  1. Aaron the Ogre says:

    I like your comic very much, especially the second panel. I guess my core issue is the first part about polygamy. As a mormon who dislikes Romney and knowing loads of very liberal mormons who support equal access to marriage (as an independent, I support it), I find this to be the perpetuation of a misconception (all mormons 1) wish they could practice polygamy, which is defiantly not true and/or 2) oppose equal access to marriage). The problem is finding a suitable replacement, because the text is topical. I hope you can find replacement text that is hopefully funnier.

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      Well, of course non-mormons know that mainstram, modern mormons aren’t interested in polygamy. But, especially with that TV show “Big Love” on the air, it is a well-known stereotype. And, as an unusual marriage custom, it does hook in very well with gay marriage (another unusual marriage custom) for the gag. Like you said, it’s topical and (to a non-Mormon at least) funny. Using one stereotype to illustrate another.

      Actually, I was mostly just looking for a topical gag to fit with the image. I don’t have any particular problem with Mormons. It was just a joke. 🙂

      I do legitimately dislike Romney, however. 🙂

      • Aaron the Ogre says:

        Fair enough. I just did the same thing with my cartoon about Mao Zedong. My kids and half my family is Asian as well as tons of friends. I understand the conundrum. It is a joke and with your comic a good joke.

        I guess, yesterday I was just a mite frustrated. Don’t worry about it. You comic is great and your art is wonderful. Forget I brought it up.

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