Dismayed Elephant

Various bits of recent politics inspired me to draw this elephant yesterday.
Maybe I shouldn’t sketch while listening to political news.


I like him, though.  Sort of feel sorry for him.  Poor guy.


Bree Newsome

This is a tribute to Bree Newsome, the activist who scaled the flagpole in South Carolina to remove the Confederate Flag.  Drawing her as a superhero is apparently a thing just now.  I liked the idea, so I drew her in a Spiderman pose on that flagpole.


Bree Newsome

Also, Bree Newsome would be an excellent name for the mild-mannered alter ego of a superhero.

Political Cartoon: Biden’s Gaffs

This is an all-purpose cartoon suitable for any gaff Joe Biden might make during his tenure as Vice President. Not really very funny.  Mostly I just wanted to try to draw him. Conclusion: I can’t draw Joe Biden. He isn’t interesting in any way, shape, or form. There’s nothing to characature. He just comes out as a generic, white, old guy. *sigh*

I actually searched the web for cartoons of him and you know what? No one knows how to draw him. If the cartoonist tends to give his characters big chins, Biden gets a big chin.  If they usually give their characters a big nose, he gets a big nose.  But none of the cartoons really look like him like they usually do with other celebs.  Even the big-name political cartoonists just come up with something that looks like a generic, white, old guy.

Anyhow, here’s my attempt:

Mitt Romney

Okay, so this is how I draw Romney.  Be kind, this is the first time I ever tried drawing him.  🙂  It’s more a drawing exercise than an attempt to be particularly clever.

On Gay Marriage: If I can't have two women in my marriage, I don't see why lesbians should get to. Most Popular Campaign Position: I'm NOT Obama! Mitt Romney: Restructuring the Nation!

On Gay Marriage:
If I can’t have two women in my marriage, I don’t see why lesbians should get to.
Most Popular Campaign Position:
I’m NOT Obama!
Mitt Romney
Restructuring the Nation!