2 thoughts on “Girl with Jumprope

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t sure I’d get the hang of it. Everything kept coming out tall and skinny. I thought I had horrible hand-eye coordination. Then I figured out the settings were wrong and I changed it so the active portion of the pad matches the proportions of the screen. Once I did that, it was so much easier.

      This one was done in Photoshop. The arms aren’t right. The elbows are too high. If I decide to use it for anything, I’ll correct that. But it was mostly done just to try out my new tool.

      I’m playing with another image (which I probably won’t post here because it’s really fan-arty) in Autodesk SketchBook to see how that works. I’ve heard REALLY good things about it, especially for the price. I haven’t got the full version, just the one that came free with the tablet. If I like it, I can get the pro one at a discount, which ought to be only 40 or 50 bucks.

      It also came with a Corel Sketchpad program, which I’m not sure I’ll even play with. I have so many art programs already, and I always come back to Photoshop in the end.

      Oh, the tablet I got was the Wacom intuos 4. The medium, corded version. It was $349 at Best Buy. It had good reviews and wasn’t one of the $1000 ones, so I thought I’d try it. I’ve been working digitally more and more. So, it seemed like about time to get one. And, of course, my husband did just ask me what I wanted for my birthday. Seemed like a good excuse.

      What sort of tablets do other people use?

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