Veterinarian’s Office – Image 3

One more piece for  Learning A-Z.  A different view of the waiting room in a veterinarian’s office.

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Veterinarian’s Office – Image 1

Here’s a recent piece for  Learning A-Z.  The waiting room in a veterinarian’s office.  The unusual clientele is because this is for the educational market.  The words for the animals (except for the cat) all have unusual plural forms.  Wolf/wolves, sheep/sheep, goose/geese, mouse/mice.

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Here’s leveret photos I took the weekend before last.

This little guy (and two others) were hiding under a plume of ornamental grass in my backyard.  Hubby found them when he went to trim it.  So, I laid in the grass for awhile taking pictures.  They were too little to know what to think of me and didn’t run off like they should have.  They were actually pretty good models and even let me move grass and leaves off of them to get a better shot.  Even when they did eventually get fed up with me and ran, I just picked them up and put them back and took more pictures.

They were actually more patient than my own kids.

Eventually I let them go with (probably) a rather confused idea of what humans want from hares.

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Old Mill at Lake Olathe

A drawing of the old stone building (mill?) out at Lake Olathe south of Dennis where Cedar Creek flows under the bridge into the lake.  This is to fill an art challenge for the Olathe Visual Artists Association (OVA).

P1050413 2 500
I originally tried to do this as a full-color digital painting, but working on it just felt like pulling teeth.  When I started over and decided to try with thin brown lines instead, something just seemed to click.  I’m not sure if it’s that good, but it satisfied me so much more than a painterly, colored piece would have.