Commissions Price List

I’m pretty much always open to commissions. I can handle projects large or small. However, since pricing for large projects vary greatly due to the specifications, I won’t be pricing those here. Please contact me directly for bids on those. I can, however, give you the following rough price list for smaller projects. Prices are really based on predicted time required, but it breaks down into something like this:

Price List:

Art samples for seven different versions of the same image, described in the text below.

A) Headshot, Lines Only $20
B) Headshot, Flat Color $30
C) Headshot, Color, Highlights and Shading $40
D) Full Body, Lines Only $60
E) Full Body, Flat Color $80
F) Full Body, Color, Highlights and Shading $100
G) Full Body, Color, Highlights and Shading, Moderately Detailed Background $150

Please note:
These are rough estimates and may not apply to your specific project. Prices cover custom illustration work and non-exclusive print rights to the resulting illustration for personal use only. Artist retains all copyrights. Additional rights are available upon negotiation. Contact me for more information.

I may send bids for children’s market work through my art rep due to contractual obligations. Regardless, I am more than happy to consider any type of project you may be interested in.

I will not accept jobs that I find offensive, outside my skillset, or which are not safe for work.

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