Number 67 of 150

A blind boy in raingear walking with the aid of a white cane.

This image had originally called for the boy to have a guide dog, because a kid and a dog are inherently cute together. But when looking for reference images of kids with guide dogs, I learned that blind kids don’t actually get guide dogs. You generally have to be 18 for a guide animal. I relayed this to the client and they changed the specs. So, I guess I sort of took away this boy’s dog and gave him a cane instead. If it helps, later in this batch there will be a man with a guide dog instead. Not as cute, but more accurate.

A cartoon illustration of a blind Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander boy walking with a white cane.  He is in raingear, wearing a yellow raincoat and red rubber boots.  He also is wearing jeans.

Number 65 of 150

A skateboarder with a prosthetic arm. One of those 3D printed ones in the fun colors. The client chose the colors.

I particularly like how the kid’s t-shirt print came out. This was changed in the final phase with the client instructing me to create a geometric print for their shirt.

The long hair was included both to help show a little more movement and to make the character’s gender a little more ambiguous.

A cartoon illustration of a child riding a skateboard.  The child is gender ambiguous and has a prosthetic arm. They are wearing a helmet, t-shirt, loose jeans, and sneakers.  They have medium-length, brown hair

Number 61 of 150

Starting a new batch. This round will be 15 illustrations of diverse people with various visible disabilities. From this point on, I feel like the poses the client requestes got more interesting. A little bit more dynamic? I do feel like the characters in the previous batches got short-changed a little, though. They also started incorporating props.

Anyway, the first one’s a little girl with a cochlear implant playing the tambourine.

A little Latina girl, age 4-6, stands playing a tambourine.  Her head is turned to the side so we can see that she has a cochlear implant.  She's wearing a t-shirt under a blue and white striped jumper dress, and pink sandals.  Her brown hair is pulled back in a ponytail.