You’re Fired!

Here’s another Donald Trump caricature.  I think the last one turned out better, but this one’s okay.  I don’t think I got his face quite Trump-y enough, but he’s still recognizable so I’m calling it done.

This one’s inspired, of course, both by his iconic catch-phrase and by his recent firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

You're Fired

Trump Hugging Flag

So, I was thinking I might do some Donald Trump illustrations to sell with my stock illustration accounts with istock and shutterstock.  I’m probably not going to make them make any particular point, but they’ll be in various poses people might find useful as illustrations for their political commentary.  I am liberal, so of course they’re probably not going to be very complimentary, but I’ll also have some fairly neutral ones like him standing at a podium or sitting at his desk.  Things like that.  I’m not sure how many I’ll do.  Below is the first one, inspired by that weird flag-hugging photo op that he did awhile ago.

Trump Hugging Flag