Number 73 of 150

This artist uses a wheelchair.

The client was pushing the scope of the project on this one. Each of these were supposed to be one character isolated on white, some with a prop. I was willing to allow a little more leeway for this batch featuring the visibly disabled because their mobility devices are integral to their lives and become almost an extension of themselves. But there’s a limit. This image reached this limit because the client initially wanted not just what you see below, but also an easel and canvas. That would make it almost a full scene, which wasn’t what we bid. (To be fair, I don’t think the client intended to push any limits. It just happened.) I had to send that objection through my art rep and she straightened it out for me without ruffling any feathers. Janet’s great at that.

An East Asian man sits in a manual wheelchair with a paint brush and palette.  He is wearing a blue painter's shirt, khaki pants, and slip-on sneakers.  He is gesturing with the hand holding the brush as he speaks.

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