Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

Irish Setter 3

So, I’m trying to learn Illustrator.  Here’s today’s results.  The fonts are Chaz, Ache-Condensed, and Brandywine-Extended.  I didn’t make the fonts, but all the rest is mine.

I’m not really that happy with Illustrator.  It’s supposed to be the thing to use for vector graphics and text, but I’m only liking the vector tools.  The text tools aren’t really working well for me.  I ended up saving the image to a PDF and opening it up in Photoshop to do the text.  Now, the disappointing text tool performance might just be because it’s an old version of Illustrator.  Or it might be because I’m still learning my way around.  *shrug*  Oh well, it’s good for me to learn it, anyway.  🙂

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