6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Silent – Image 1

  1. Alan Scott says:

    Funny I was just thinking that children’s art in general is far too pleasant nowadays. How many of us really listen to children playing when they are not trying to impress the nearby grown up? I think adults wish them to be cute and train them to be so.

    The word grim comes from the brothers who collected folk tales that have all now been cleaned up and made polite. I read the originals at art college and I think they equal our violent modern video games.

    Nothing wrong with cute too. Balance is great.

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      My little girls are always playing that someone dies or the monster is coming and they have to hide or the villain has tied them up. Of course, they also like to be princesses, brides, and fairies. So, it balances. Scary vs. cute.

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