The Reason for The Season

Going back to ancient times all around the world, people have always celebrated the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year, it marks the turning point of winter.

This was generally the last feast of the year until after the famine months of late winter and early spring. Animals would be slaughtered, if they hadn’t been already, so that they wouldn’t need to be fed over the winter. This was usually the last fresh meat available for months. From this point on, food would be scarce and people would often have to ration what they had. Starvation was common and there was no guarantee of making it through to spring. The first of the alcohol from the year’s crops would also be fermented by this time and ready for drinking.

It was generally the last chance to feast and be merry for months and people, ancient and modern alike, would gather with family and friends to celebrate.

As with most holidays, it had religious significance. Usually something having to do with birth or rebirth and new beginnings. However, the reason for the season probably had at least as much to do with gathering together during the darkest time of the year as it did with religion.

So, no matter which solstice holiday you celebrate, remember that you are taking part in an ancient ritual going back to the dawn of humanity.

Have a Wonderful Winter Solstice!

For more information on the Winter Solstice, check out the listing on Wikipedia.

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