Inktober: Rising Dead

Rising Dead

Inktober #8

It had a tombstone in the image, so I had to figure out something to write on it.  I had to give her a name. So, I called her Carrie Ann Black. Carrie Ann.  Carrion. Get it? I always thought Carrie Ann would be a great name for a ghoul. And Black because Death was named Black in Meet Joe Black.


FEBRUARY 14, 1983
OCTOBER 31, 2016

She was so beloved, she was even born on Valentine’s Day. And her death was such a horror, it had to happen on Halloween.

I’m not sure if she’s a zombie or a vampire.  Some sort of undead, surely.  She looks rather un-rotted for a zombie, but maybe she was just well-embalmed.  I dunno.

I wonder if Mr. Black will be pleased to have her back?

Katie thinks maybe her husband is Death, like in the movie, so he wouldn’t mind her being dead. She’s very optimistic.

Guy’s Face with Various Expressions — And a Zombie

This was an exercise to practice drawing different expressions on the same character using Adobe Illustrator.  I didn’t bother with shading it, since it was just practice.  

I initially drew these in a completely different order, but arranging them this way seemed to fit them into a narrative.  The second from the last was originally supposed to be a yawn.  I’m not really sure why I turned him into a zombie.  It just sort of happened.  

Guy's Head with Various Expressions