A slightly sleazy businessman commissioned by Kyle Szklenski of Diurnal Productions.  His company is a small video game company and this is for a scene where the player signs with their new employer.  It’s a digital image drawn in Photoshop.  There are a couple gradients, but mostly it’s flat colors with cel shading.

Trump Signing Things

Here’s another Trump caricature designed for shutterstock. It’s a scene that he repeats regularly, whenever he signs something. So, I figure it should be useful for future political articles. I was careful not to make it offensive. That way it got past the shutterstock censors easily.

Trump Signing Things
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You’re Fired!

Here’s another Donald Trump caricature.  I think the last one turned out better, but this one’s okay.  I don’t think I got his face quite Trump-y enough, but he’s still recognizable so I’m calling it done.

This one’s inspired, of course, both by his iconic catch-phrase and by his recent firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

You're Fired