Hidden Picture Image

Here’s a commission I just sent in to Hart McLeod.

Hidden in the image are 12 pictures.  They weren’t supposed to be TOO hard to find, so you should be able to spot them.  A woman, a man, two girls, one boy, one owl, two rabbits, three turtles, and a frog.

Interesting thing about this project.  They told me which hidden elements they wanted to see, but said that the scene was the artist’s choice.  I hate that.  That means I had to figure out an interesting scene and compose it with no guidance or limits.  I love limits.  Contrary to what you’d think, I can be so much more creative if I have defined framework to work in.  Oh well.

Hidden Picture
Luckily, I pulled out this reference photo from my photo collection and used it as my framework.  I took this at the Overland Park Arboretum this fall.  There actually is a pond off the frame to the left, but it isn’t to the horizon like in the drawing.
P1110947 500


Rocks and Water

Here’s another collection from my Wisconsin trip.  Mostly rocks and water in black and white.  Most of them are from the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth.  Yes, I know that’s not in Wisconsin.  But it’s on the way.  The first three are from Sister Bay, which is in Wisconsin.

Some of these are available as prints.