Squirrel Book 8 of 10

Chapter 7 has two illustrations. This one is when an owl scoops up one of the family dogs. Rocky runs out to make a loud commotion, which startles the owl into dropping the dog. The author says it’s a true story.

She paid for a half page illustration for this one. When designing the layout, I realized that the image would benefit from as much height as possible. I thought, well, it’s supposed to be a half page, but we didn’t specify which half. Usually half pages are landscape (horizontal) format top or bottom half pages. But a left or right half page would meet the requirements also. I was proud of how it turned out.

A cartoon illustration of an owl in mid-flight.  It's just dropped a white lapdog who is depicted in mid-fall and terrified.  Below them both on the ground is a squirrel chittering and waving its arms.  The scene includes a gravel driveway, bordered by grass going off into the distance.  There are trees and hills way off behind.  There are dandelions in the foreground grass.

Squirrel Book 1 of 10

Rocky the Human Squirrel by Jean Ball-Maurer, which I illustrated, is now out in ebook as well as paperback. https://www.amazon.com/Rocky-Human-Squirrel-Jean-Ball-Maurer/dp/B0BW385B6V

I already shared the cover, so now I’ll share the interiors. It’s an illustrated chapter book, so these are all black and white. Here’s the first one. It illustrates a section explaining who Rocky is and explaining some facts about squirrels.

A cartoon illustration of a squirrel leaning forward, looking through a squirrel-sized magnifying glass.  The character is isolated on white and drawn in black and white.  The image is copyright © 2023 Jean Maurer.

Rocky The Human Squirrel

My most recent project has been illustrating a book for Jean Ball-Maurer titled Rocky The Human Squirrel. It’s a short, illustrated chapter book. I did the color cover (front and back) and 10 black and white interior illustrations.

She just emailed me that that the paperback is up on Amazon now. She’s so excited to see her first book out in print! Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BW385B6V

The ebook will be coming in a few days. I’ll post about that when it’s up and I’ll share a look at the illustrations pretty soon also. In the meantime, here’s the cover:

The front cover of a book with the title, "ROCKY The Human Squirrel" and bylines for "Jean Ball-Maurer" and "Illustrated by Karen B. Jones".  The word "ROCKY" in the title is in all-caps and uses an acorn for the "O".  The cover artwork shows a cartoon squirrel standing on a branch holding a tree bark sign reading "FREE TO BE ME". Behind the squirrel and branch are tree leaves on the sides and top and blue sky behind everything.  There is a copyright notice across the top that reads, "Copyright © 2023 Jean Maurer.  All rights reserved."