Verrückt at Schlitterbahn Illustration

Here’s a spot illustration I did for the August issue of 435 Magazine.  It was for an article about the new Verrückt water slide at the Schlitterbahn water park.  The slide’s billed as the world’s tallest waterslide and the name means insane.  They had to do a lot of testing and redesigning before they FINALLY got it so it worked right and could open it.

Unfortunately my illustration didn’t end up running.  The bit in the article that mentioned this slide was cut.  So, they didn’t need the illustration.

Just as well, because there are some problems with this illustration.  It was drawn when they were still testing the slide and it wasn’t opened yet. When it opened, the rafts were different than all the reference materials I could find showed them. Originally, the rafts were supposed to hold four people, have lower seat backs, and lap belts only. The rafts they had when it opened had shoulder belts, higher backs, and only held three people. So… *sigh* it didn’t turn out as accurate as I wanted it.

Since it’s digital, it’ll be pretty easy to change, though.  Just take out the derpy guy at the back and change a few details…  I retained the copyright, so I might just correct it and put it up on iStock.

Drawing the splash was particularly fun.

Illustration Friday: Jump

This week’s Illustration Friday prompt was jump.  I was going to just repost my lovely swimmer children.  But, then I decided to do a little more.  For those of you who saw the work in progress sketches for these two, you might remember that these were not created for the same scene.  But I decided to change that and combine them into one scene formatted for a magazine cover.  So, I added a background and mocked up graphics for a Highlights Magazine.  So, here’s the plain image and the Highlights mock-up below.  Let me know what you think.

I am not in any way affiliated with Highlights Magazine and this is not a real Highlights cover.  Only an art sample.

Jump In!

I think this is the final version.  I’ll need to double-check the colors on my other computer, but it’s getting late tonight.  I’ll just post it as-is.  If the colors look a bit too bright, blame it on my laptop.  I’ll make adjustments tomorrow if it needs it.

The font is a distorted, gradient-overlaid, embossed version of Komika Boo, by Larry Yerkes.  That’s a free font I got from some free font site.  I’d put a link to the author’s Myspace site, but I looked at it and, YIKES.  Not linking directly to that.  But feel free to put his name into Google and find him if you want.  He goes by WolfBainX.

Anyhow, here’s the image: