Guy’s Face with Various Expressions — And a Zombie

This was an exercise to practice drawing different expressions on the same character using Adobe Illustrator.  I didn’t bother with shading it, since it was just practice.  

I initially drew these in a completely different order, but arranging them this way seemed to fit them into a narrative.  The second from the last was originally supposed to be a yawn.  I’m not really sure why I turned him into a zombie.  It just sort of happened.  

Guy's Head with Various Expressions

Silly Thesaurus Page – Rough

I’m working on a project for a text book publisher right now.  One of the images they had me do was supposed to be a set of specific words on a thesaurus page that were trying to get off the page.  I just heard that they decided to cut this particular image for space reasons, so they don’t need the final.  I thought I’d share the rough with you, since I don’t have much else to do with it at this point.

9_1 Rough cropped 500

Had I finished it, the lines would be nice and neat and dark, and the cartoon words would be colored.

There are several other images they do still want me to finish and I will get paid for the work I did on this one.