I sketched this today because I broke my foot last week. This is the boot I’m now wearing. Apparently, they don’t put you in a cast for a broken foot anymore. Instead, you wear this thing.

(I’m fine. It only hurts if I bump it. I’ll probably be able to walk on it in a couple of days. I fell because my foot went sideways when stepping in a pothole in a patio at a local restaurant. Apparently even outdoor dining is dangerous.)

Jump Rope Animation

It’s just a simple little stick figure jumping rope, but it’s my first ever animation.  I made the frames in Illustrator and animated them in Photoshop.  It consists of ten frames at .05 seconds each, so a rate of 20 frames a second.  I figured out the timing by singing “Miss Mary Mac” at the tempo that goes with jumping rope and set the speed to match that. (Though it still might be just a bit too fast, I’m not sure.) It’s not very fancy, but I’m proud of it.  smiley 15


I may have overdone her bouncy hair a bit, though.