SCBWI Illustrator Day

I just finished attending a webinar hosted by the KS/MO chapter of the SCBWI. I have been doing illustration long enough now that a lot of these seminars (in person and online) are sort of reviewing things I’ve already picked up. But I did get a few points that were sort of new, or at least good to be reminded of. And it’s always good to get out there (metaphorically because it was on zoom) and actually discuss things.

The subjects were picture book dummies and working with art departments.

There was a lot of information, but the advice I took away was:

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Children Running and Other Symbols

I recently completed illustrating a page with several simple images for United Methodist Publishing House.  I think the images are referring to Christian missions to Africa, but I didn’t ask.  The numbers and letters were done with my Big Bottom Cartoon font, which can be found here as a freebie.

Childre Running and Other Symbols

A work-for-hire illustration commissioned by United Methodist Publishing House showing a pair of children running and several surrounding symbols.

Work-for-hire.  Created by Karen B. Jones.  Copyright © 2019 United Methodist Publishing House.  All Rights Reserved.