Promo Postcards

I got my newest promo postcards from VistaPrint just now.

It’s a girl-themed card this time.  I used the new Girls in a Treehouse image on the color side and the one with Sarah and Katie with the bike and skateboard on the back side.  You might notice that I recolored the “No Boys Allowed” sign so that it didn’t distract from the overlaid text.  You probably didn’t notice (because it’s not important) but I moved the bird too.  The image wasn’t exactly the same dimensions as the card, so I had to cut off a little at the sides.  So, I nudged the bird over a bit so it wouldn’t be too close to the edge.  Working with digital images makes last-minute changes so much easier!

Now, I really need to get moving on my promo mailing list.  I’m in the process of transferring my notecard-based system into a computer-based one.  I have to type everything in new, which is time consuming now but should pay off later.

Anyone want one of these postcards?  Contact me with your name and address and I’ll mail you one.

IMG_20180330_131952 (1)

Yay! Local SCBWI Conference Art Update

Remember that Let’s Make Magic poster I posted awhile ago?  If you remember, it was created to be used as promo art for my local SCBWI Annual Conference.  Well, they decided to use it.  Yay!  Actually, it was a bit of a cop-out.  They had three entries that they couldn’t decide between, so they decided to use all three.  BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING!  That’s fine.  I’m happy to share the spotlight.  I just see it as a great opportunity to have my work seen by professionals in my industry, which is really what I need at this point in my illustration career.  Perhaps it will lead to bigger and better things!  At the very least, it gives me bragging rights.  🙂