The Neighborhood’s Night – Page 15

Page 14 doesn’t have an image, so we skip on to page 15 from The Neighborhood’s Night by Juliana Catherine. This is the last illustration and the end of the book.

It’s not a completely happy ending because, even though Leena’s back in her own home, Amaya’s family lost their house. This is supposed to be a “tough subjects” series, so a not entirely happy ending is appropriate. But it’s not all bad because Amaya has sent Leena a letter saying how they found a place to live and are doing okay. They even sent pictures.

I made sure it’s the same couch and wall as page 4 so it’s definitely the same house. It comes full circle.

An illustration for page 15 of The Neighborhood's Night by Juliana Catherine.  A girl curled up on her couch leans back against her mother who is sitting beside her.  The girl is reading a letter and the mother is looking at some photo prints.  They are both smiling.

Selling Stuff

Will Draw for Money 150 hI’d like to mention, because I haven’t lately, that I do sell prints and print rights to most of my work.

zazzle shop 200I sell custom-printed merchandise and prints through Zazzle. I just finished a large update, so that’s up-to-date now. I only bothered with posters for most of the latest stuff, but if you’d like to see any of my work on a mug or a T-shirt or anything else Zazzle offers, just let me know and I’ll be happy to set it up for you.

istock iconI also sell limited, non-exclusive print rights for most of my images through iStock.

Dolores UmbridgeBree NewsomeThere are a few pieces I have which Zazzle and iStock won’t allow for various reasons. Like my Harry Potter illustration or my Bree Newsome tribute. If you’d like prints of one of those, or if you’d like to purchase anything directly from me, feel free to contact me and we can arrange that.
The third edition of my book, The Squishy, Stinky Diaper, is available through Amazon. Both in print and for the kindle. If you purchase a paperback, be sure it’s the third edition. The old one’s out of print now, but it’s still around. The illustrations are much better in the new one. Also, I don’t get any royalties on used book sales.

Also, as usual, I am accepting commissions and I’d love to work with you on your next project! smiley 15

Experiment w/ Selling Prints & Such

I’m doing a bit of an experiment.  I have some work that might appeal to people in print, greeting card, or T-shirt form.  But I don’t really want to order a stock of them to sell on Etsy or something like that.  So, I was looking at places where you could upload your work and they’d produce the prints, handle order fulfillment, and you get a portion of the price.  I know I’d end up with a higher cut of things if I handled that myself, but then I’d have to mess with it.  I think adding ALL those products to the account is enough work.

So, I’ve decided to go with  I’ve got more than a hundred items up right now, and I’m still adding more.  They offer many different product types with excellent customization features.  Their sellers are offering mostly professional quality work and their backend feels professional and I haven’t noticed it acting buggy.  It’s a name I’ve actually heard of, so hopefully that translates to lots of buyers.  It’s also not too “artsy” which works well for me since my style is mostly cartoons and children’s illustrations.  The look of their stores aren’t that cusomizable, mostly just banners and colors can be changed, but it’s adequate.

I’m working on adding links all over the place between the store and my site.  By the way, the store is here:*

So, we’ll see how this experiment goes.