Over the last couple years, I’ve read several human interest stories about dancers or yoga instructors or whatnot that you might not think could excel at those skills because of their weight, or in one case because she had downs syndrome. But they do it anyway, and they do it well. So, I wanted to draw this lovely dancer who is clearly doing what she loves despite the challenge of her body size.

A fat ballerina stands in the spotlight, on pointe with one leg raised over her head.

More Macro Flower Pictures

I kind of wanted to take pictures of fall leaves on a nice, sunny fall day.  But the leaves haven’t quite turned yet.  A few, but not mostly.  So, I took pictures of flowers instead.

One of the purple ones is vinca major, but I’m not sure what the other two purple ones are.  I also don’t know what the white one is.  The rest are roses, sunflowers, and mums.

Some of these are available as prints.

Macro Photos of Flowers

I just came back from a family trip up to Wisconsin.  Since the kids wouldn’t have the patience to wait for me to draw pictures of the things I saw, I took photos instead.  Even that tried their patience a bit, but they lived through it.  🙂

Here’s a collection of close-up flower shots I took.  Both garden flowers and weed flowers.  And three that aren’t actually flowers, but they are plants.  I don’t know what all of them are, but if you recognize one that isn’t labeled, let me know.

Some of these are available as prints.