A Basketball Story – Interior 7

This image covers about a page and a half, with the gutter running between the boy leaning against the wall and the poster. The gray wall color extends all the way to the left, with text overlaid in that empty space.

Aside from the cover, this is our first and only close-up of members of the Sea Turtles team. They’re discussing how, if they work very hard, they can keep the Jackrabbits from going 10 – 0 for the season.

Again, this is for the picture book, titled A Basketball Story: Always Be Humble, which I just finished illustrating for Entrepreneur Media Inc.

In a school hallway, three members of the Sea Turtles basketball team stand around a poster showing the Mid-Season League Standings for four teams.  One boy leans on the wall, the girl has her hands on both boys shoulders.  And the other boy faces away from the viewer with one hand in a fist.

Houston Public Library

John P. McGovern Foundation
Summer Reading Program

This was a tremendously fun project to do.  The theme, Explore the Unknown, was meant to refer to all sorts of fun cryptozoological, mythical, and sci-fi subjects.  Included in this piece is a UFO with Roswell-style aliens, a unicorn, a big foot, the Loch Ness Monster, a kraken, and a mermaid.  The font is Black Pearl by JoannaVu.

Zazzle Poster

Zazzle tubeI received a packing tube from Zazzle today.

Yay!  Stuff in the mail!

So, I originally created that monkey image for my daughter, who loves monkeys.  I did already print it on just regular photo paper for her on my home printer, but she wanted an actual poster of it too.

Since I had it up for sale on Zazzle as a poster, I decided it was a chance to kill two birds with one stone.  So, I ordered a Zazzle poster to make Katie happy, and I also get to use it as a proof print to make sure the image is printing nicely from Zazzle.

monkey posterSo, here it is on the closet door.  I think the colors came out pretty much perfect.  On the screen I’m on the fence on whether or not the image is too garishly fluorescent-bright.  But as a printed poster, it looks excellent.

So, I’m happy.  smiley 15

Would you like your own poster?  It’s here on Zazzle.

Also here on iStock.

Edit:  I no longer have iStock and Zazzle accounts, for various reasons revolving mostly around both company’s fees and payments that I won’t get into here.  But it is here on Shutterstock.