I was playing with my big zoom lens a week or so ago and came up with these.  Usually there are too many leaves to get pictures of the birds way up there, but it’s spring, so I got some halfway decent shots.  And I finally have a camera that’ll let me crop a shot and still have a decent size to do something with it.  Yay!

You can’t see it because these are low-res for-the-web versions, but there’s actually enough pixels to print if I wanted to.  🙂

Of course, blackbirds aren’t all that photogenic, but I did what I could from the ground.  🙂

Macro Photos of Flowers

I just came back from a family trip up to Wisconsin.  Since the kids wouldn’t have the patience to wait for me to draw pictures of the things I saw, I took photos instead.  Even that tried their patience a bit, but they lived through it.  🙂

Here’s a collection of close-up flower shots I took.  Both garden flowers and weed flowers.  And three that aren’t actually flowers, but they are plants.  I don’t know what all of them are, but if you recognize one that isn’t labeled, let me know.

Some of these are available as prints.

Happy Fourth of July!

And what better way to usher in this day of independence than with a little felony property damage? That’s just what happened to us. A bit after midnight someone was screwing around outside and lit off some explosives in our mailbox. Yes, there was mail in it. And the backend blew all the way up to the porch. Completely shredded the box. And the mail.

So, to make lemonade out of lemons, I figured I’d take some pictures and make them all artsy (by that, I mean black and white) for you all.

Anyhow, Trevor filed a police report and the officer told him it was a felony. But, of course, no one will ever get charged because we don’t know who did it. My money’s on damn punk kids.

Rabbit Pictures (or maybe it’s a hare)

So, today I went out to my garden to see if there were any peas to pick.  Someone had left the gate open, and there was a bunny inside.  So, I closed the gate and went back in for my camera.  These are the pictures I took before I let the bunny out again.  I think I need to weed the garden.

Yes, I let him go when I was done.  Maybe the fright will teach him to stay out of my garden.