“Hey, Kansas City” Art Show

Friday I took pictures of the “Hey, Kansas City” art show at Paper Birch Landing.  I think I got the whole exhibit here, but please forgive me if I missed one or two.  Cell phone camera shots, so sorry for the quality.  The show runs until the end of the month.  Go to my previous post for more information on that.  Of course, all these images are copyrighted by the artists who created them.  I think just about everything here’s for sale. So, contact the gallery if you’re interested in purchasing.


Scimitar-Horned Oryx

_DSC0390 500Look at those horns!

Like many things, this was a more impressive shot in person.  all those horns all going the same way arching over the little herd… I dunno.  But in the photo, the background detracts, so I desaturated it.  Then there’s how brown and white aren’t really colors that pop and it looks silly if I bump them up too much.  Oh, well.  At least their horns stand out from the trees so you can see them well.