Kissing Story Sample

Here’s a new sample.  This is page 1 of a comic book I’ve written that my art rep will be sending out later this summer.  Hopefully we’ll get someone interested in it.  There was some interest in this character from a previous sample featuring her, so we’re hoping it will sell.

This sample reuses the first four panels from that previous sample.  (I reformatted it for rectangular panels and changed the shading style.)  The last two panels are new.

The working title is Kissing Story, but I don’t really care for that.  Hopefully we’ll come up with a better one.  It’s an age-appropriate story about sexual harassment and consent.

I may actually need to change the panel with mom and dad kissing to have them not also hugging because my rep says that may be too much physical contact for the age range.  So, I may post a revision  with that changed.  We’ll see.

Kissing Story Sample Page 1


Moving Day – Image 1

Another commission for Learning A-Z.  This one is a family packing up their living room and kitchen, getting ready to move.

One problem with this scene was that they wanted both rooms to show, but in a portrait-oriented image.  So, I decided to make this house a front-to-back split with a short stairway between the two levels. That let me put the two rooms one in front of the other, but with the kitchen a half-story higher so as to increase the height of the image and keep the living room from blocking it.

It’s done entirely in one-point perspective.  Everything except the people and a few curves was drawn with virtual rulers.

It’s probably a small mid-eighties tract home, judging by the layout.  One that’s been updated with wood floors and new appliances.  But the kitchen is still too small and it doesn’t have a dishwasher.  I’d move too, if I were them.

Page 1 - Final v3


Verrückt at Schlitterbahn Illustration

Here’s a spot illustration I did for the August issue of 435 Magazine.  It was for an article about the new Verrückt water slide at the Schlitterbahn water park.  The slide’s billed as the world’s tallest waterslide and the name means insane.  They had to do a lot of testing and redesigning before they FINALLY got it so it worked right and could open it.

Unfortunately my illustration didn’t end up running.  The bit in the article that mentioned this slide was cut.  So, they didn’t need the illustration.

Just as well, because there are some problems with this illustration.  It was drawn when they were still testing the slide and it wasn’t opened yet. When it opened, the rafts were different than all the reference materials I could find showed them. Originally, the rafts were supposed to hold four people, have lower seat backs, and lap belts only. The rafts they had when it opened had shoulder belts, higher backs, and only held three people. So… *sigh* it didn’t turn out as accurate as I wanted it.

Since it’s digital, it’ll be pretty easy to change, though.  Just take out the derpy guy at the back and change a few details…  I retained the copyright, so I might just correct it and put it up on iStock.

Drawing the splash was particularly fun.