Here’s a new one for that series I’m doing with this group of middle school kids.  This one’s a sleepover and our main character (I should really give her a name) is having a sleepover with all her BFFs.  She’s playing a video game (Mario Cart, perhaps?) against her very best bestie.  Two more friends are painting nails on the floor and a fifth girl has already conked out and gone to sleep.  (Hopefully they won’t put her bra in the freezer later!)

Edit:  It was too green, so I made it bluer and updated the image.  Better now, I think.  🙂


Piñata – Final Version

I think this is the final version.  Unless I notice something that needs changing.   smiley 15

pinata 4 500

And here it is in black and white.pinata 4 bw 500

I designed it as a two-page spread with a bit of room at the top and bottom for cropping if needed.  It’s all done in layers, so the signature can be moved or removed and the colors can be individually fiddled with as necessary.  The center line falls about where the mom’s elbow is, so nothing important is obscured by the fold.