Inktober 2020 #1 – Fish

So, I thought I’d see if I can get through an entire Inktober series again this year.  Last time I did it was in 2016, but I ignored the official prompts in favor of whatever Halloween ideas came to mind.  This time I’m following the official prompts, which means today is: Fish.

A cartoon shark floating in the ocean.

I’m not entirely following the official rules because Inktober is really supposed to be ink drawings. But I only draw digital. So… no ink in the house. Instead I’m going to approximate ink drawings by limiting myself to black and white and trying to do mostly ink-style drawings at least. This one isn’t very ink-style, though.

Hey, it’s the best I can do. ūüôā

“Hey, Kansas City” Art Show

Friday I took pictures of the “Hey, Kansas City” art show at Paper Birch Landing. ¬†I think I got the¬†whole exhibit here, but please forgive me if I missed one or two. ¬†Cell phone camera shots, so sorry for the quality. ¬†The show runs until the end of the month. ¬†Go to my previous post for more information on that. ¬†Of course, all these images are copyrighted by the artists who created them. ¬†I think just about everything here’s for sale. So, contact the gallery if you’re interested in purchasing.


Plaza Art Fair Illustration

Here’s a spot illustration I did for the August issue of 435 Magazine. ¬†It goes with an article about an art fair at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. ¬†The image in the frame is one of the iconic plaza buildings. ¬†
Actually, I made two versions of this image.  The one that they ran (above) was a version of this larger image (below).

Plaza Art v1 500
Here’s the tear sheet:

435 - August '14 - page 68

Flower Painting

Okay, I like this, but it has some logic problems. ¬†No, I’m not talking about the logic problems inherent in an anthropomorphic flower. ¬†This is a children’s illustration. ¬†Anything can have a face and do humanish things.

What I mean is how, really, he (she?) shouldn’t be holding the canvas. ¬†It should be on an easel. ¬†And that thick brush is too thick to produce the detail shown on the canvas. ¬†And where is his paint¬†palette?

Also, the poor thing’s pot is way too small.

So, my question is, does it matter?  Am I being nitpicky, or does that actually make a difference?

Actually, it’s irrelevant. ¬†I can feel my perfectionism kicking in. ¬†I’m going to fix this, regardless of if it really needs it or not. ¬†ūüôā