Recycling Book – Random Objects

Here’s a collection of random objects and an owl that appear on various pages in a coloring book about recycling commissioned by Positive Promotions for Earth Day.  I’m particularly proud of that compact florescent light bulb in the corner there.  The twisty coil was tricky.

This is the last sample I have for this project.  Next up will be a coloring book on neighborhood safety, also for Positive Promotions.

Random Objects


Page 18 and 19

A two-page spread from my current picture book commission.

Here’s all the characters except the coyotes.  Wild turkey babies are splochy like this when they’re really little.  It hides them in the grass and underbrush.  I draw them differently later in the book because they’re older then.  The white one is an albino and is worried because, since he’s white, he can’t hide like the others.
Page 18 and 19