Here’s something completely different.

This is the Ogerita, a gas electric trolley car that ran on the Missouri and Kansas Interurban Railway, known as the Strang Line, from 1906-1908.  The railroad was owned by William B. Strang Jr., a land developer in Johnson County, KS.  The car was named after his niece.

This image was created in Adobe Illustrator using historic black and white photos as references.  (Thank you to the Overland Park Historical Society for those reference images.)  Period news clippings mention at the railroad painted their trolleys vermilion, so that’s the color I used.  I also consulted David Holland, an amateur railroad historian and my father, for additional references and explanations of how it all looked.  (Thanks, Dad.  I finally drew a train car like you’ve been wanting me to do for years.)

A print can be purchased here.

Edit:  I had previously stated the car was named after his wife.  It was actually named after his niece.

Exhibiting at KantCon

KantConI’ll have an exhibit table at KantCon in Overland Park, KS on July 24th thru the 26th.

They call him... Tim.

They call him… Tim.

KantCon is a local gaming convention that my good friend Tim Neppel is attending. (Stick with me, there is a point.) He’s created a Monte Python themed adventure game called Adventure Quest and plans to run it at the con. Two of my illustrations are part of the game.

Cave of Caerbannog from Monte Python's Quest for the Holy Grail

Cave of Caerbannog

When he was offered an extra table, he generously invited me to share the space with him. (Thank you, Tim!)

A night scene of a cemetery.

The Cemetery–Wait. Is that a weeping angel? I didn’t draw that!

Unfortunately, I’m not in town that weekend, but Tim and his wife Hope were willing to hold down the fort in my absence. I’ll have a portfolio on display as well as some free cards and my contact info. Maybe some artwork, depending on how much space they give me.

If you’ll be attending, drop by and play a round with Tim and take a look through my portfolio.