Number 17 of 150

One subtle change that the client made in this batch was to have me give many of the dark-eyed characters colored irises. It’s slightly faster just to color the irises and pupils both black, and honestly it isn’t that noticeable. (When you’re doing 150 characters on a tight schedule, even little time-savers add up.) But the client did notice about halfway through this batch and asked me to change it going forward. Since they didn’t have me go back and change the previous batch, in order to preserve consistency, I colored the irises of some of the dark-eyed characters brown, and some black. Later images with black characters (there are more coming up) will have brown irises, just to balance out all the black irises I used before.

But, back to today’s post. This guy’s waving, or maybe raising his hand to answer a question? I gave him a dinosaur t-shirt as an interesting detail. Not really Christmassy, I’ll admit, but that’s the one that fell on today.

A boy, aged 4-6 stands with his arm raised.  He might be waving or raising his hand to answer a question.  He's Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.  He's wearing a shirt with a dinosaur printed on it, striped shorts, and flip-flop sandals.