Page 6

page 6

I fiddled with this one a couple times since I first posted it.

The fonts are Yikes and Century Gothic.  Both fonts are free for private or commercial use, which is important since I want to sell this eventually and it’s always nice if I don’t have to worry about licenses.  The larger one is an example of what you can do with text along a line.  And then I fiddled with layer effects to get this look.  I didn’t actually warp the text.  I just upped the font size a bit on each letter as I went around the spiral.

Pages 28 Through 32

I’m doing them out of order because these share the same backgrounds as the pages at the front of the book.  So, I’m grouping like images as I work through them.

So, this is nine out of 32 pages done in a little over a week.  That’s pretty good.   Of course, these are the easy pages since they share a background.  Lots of reusing elements.  It will get harder.  Still, more than a quarter of the way through.  That makes me happy.  smiley 15


page 28 NS 29page 30 Snd 31page 32

Illustration Friday: Jump

This week’s Illustration Friday prompt was jump.  I was going to just repost my lovely swimmer children.  But, then I decided to do a little more.  For those of you who saw the work in progress sketches for these two, you might remember that these were not created for the same scene.  But I decided to change that and combine them into one scene formatted for a magazine cover.  So, I added a background and mocked up graphics for a Highlights Magazine.  So, here’s the plain image and the Highlights mock-up below.  Let me know what you think.

I am not in any way affiliated with Highlights Magazine and this is not a real Highlights cover.  Only an art sample.