Judged An Art Show Last Saturday

Last Saturday I went downtown to an art gallery called Paper Birch Landing to jury their “Hey, Kansas City” art show that will be running all through the month of August.  That was fun.
Paper Birch Landing
The gallery is located on Broadway near the Uptown Theater.  It’s directly behind Woody’s on the third floor.  The space has a lot of light and a nice view.  I got to have a peek at their current show and talk shop a bit before we started to go through the entries.


Although, we were surprised (and a bit disappointed) to not get a single entry on the subjects of cows, barbecue, or fountains!   I mean, come on Kansas City!  By the end, Heather Collinsworth (one of the gallery owners) and Jesus Vasquez (the other judge for the show) were both considering painting a cow just for the show to make up for the obvious oversight.  I might draw something additional as well if I get around to it.

Mayor Sly JamesThe submissions were lighter than expected, which made this show a great opportunity for artists who may have otherwise not had an opportunity to show in a gallery before.  I’d say more about what will be on display, but the winners haven’t been announced yet and I don’t want to spoil anything.

As judges, Jesus and I will both also be contributing at least one piece each to the show.  I’ve already dropped off a signed archival print of my Sly James caricature and they let me leave my portfolio and some cards out for display.  It looks like I’ll be attending a couple more events at the gallery throughout the month of August, but I’m not quite sure of the dates.  I’ll post when I have more information.

Happy City Illustration

This is an illustration of several happy skyscrapers from the Kansas City skyline.  It’s an illustration for the August issue of 435 Magazine.  The buildings are cartoon versions of real buildings downtown.  If you’re on the Liberty Memorial hill looking towards Union Station, you can see this view over Union Station’s roof.  I needed tall, skinny towers grouped tightly together, which is why I chose this group of buildings. 435 - August '14 - page 73