Number 65 of 150

A skateboarder with a prosthetic arm. One of those 3D printed ones in the fun colors. The client chose the colors.

I particularly like how the kid’s t-shirt print came out. This was changed in the final phase with the client instructing me to create a geometric print for their shirt.

The long hair was included both to help show a little more movement and to make the character’s gender a little more ambiguous.

A cartoon illustration of a child riding a skateboard.  The child is gender ambiguous and has a prosthetic arm. They are wearing a helmet, t-shirt, loose jeans, and sneakers.  They have medium-length, brown hair

Number 41 of 150

One last child for this batch. Traditionally female clothes (skirt and leggings) in gender-neutral colors (black and turquois) worn by a character drawn to read a little more masculine than feminine. If I got it right, it should be unclear what their gender identity is exactly. Again, inclusivity and diversity was an important part of this project.

I really like how the skirt turned out, in particular.

A Middle Eastern child stands with arms up in a shrugging gesture.  Their dark brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail and cut in an undercut style.  They're wearing a black and turquois outfit consisting of a horizontally striped miniskirt, leggings, high-top sneakers, socks, a t-shirt, and a hoodie.