More Macro Flower Pictures

I kind of wanted to take pictures of fall leaves on a nice, sunny fall day.  But the leaves haven’t quite turned yet.  A few, but not mostly.  So, I took pictures of flowers instead.

One of the purple ones is vinca major, but I’m not sure what the other two purple ones are.  I also don’t know what the white one is.  The rest are roses, sunflowers, and mums.

Some of these are available as prints.

Macro Photos of Flowers

I just came back from a family trip up to Wisconsin.  Since the kids wouldn’t have the patience to wait for me to draw pictures of the things I saw, I took photos instead.  Even that tried their patience a bit, but they lived through it.  🙂

Here’s a collection of close-up flower shots I took.  Both garden flowers and weed flowers.  And three that aren’t actually flowers, but they are plants.  I don’t know what all of them are, but if you recognize one that isn’t labeled, let me know.

Some of these are available as prints.