Recycling Book – Page 7

Here’s an image that appears on page 7 of a coloring book about recycling commissioned by Positive Promotions for Earth Day.  I don’t think I quite hit the character consistency as well as I could have on the girl on the left.  Her cheeks really should have been a little rounder.  Casualty of this being a rush job.  But I really like how the overall scene with the tree and the swing and such turned out.

Four children in a tree


Just a little sketch. I drew it in Adobe Photoshop and it’s mimicking a pen-and-ink style.

This is what I drew last night while watching the presidential debate.

I don’t know why, but in my head these boys are named Thor and Loki. Hey, even demigods were little once.  Yeah, I’m a dork…

Edit:  I posted an expanded version here, in case you’re interested.